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2012-08-04 Plan4business Code Camp 2012 PRESS RELEASE

2012-07-31 Plan4all Book in French

The Plan4all book is now available in French language.

2012-04-19 Plan4business started

The project Plan4business started on 1 st  April. The first official event is kick off on...

2012-01-16 Proceedings LeGIO-Workshop: GIS-education in a changing academic environment

The proceedings of the

2011-06-20 INSPIRE Essentials workshop at INSPIRE Conference

Monday June 27th - 14:00 - 

2011-06-20 INSPIRE Essentials workshop at INSPIRE Conference

2010-11-15 EnviSDI - Spatial Data Infrastructure for environmental datasets

EnviSDI – Summer School on “Spatial Data Infrastructure for environmental datasets” ,...

2010-09-18 Geoportal & Social Network Sites

“A social network consists of a finite set or sets of actors and the relation or relations defined on them....

2010-09-07 SDI, Communities and Social Networks

Dear Potential Authors/Contributors,


We would like to address you with...

2010-08-06 How much do you know about GML?

What do you know about GML?

2010-07-14 Test your INSPIRE knowledge


The INSPIRE framework impacts many organisations from service...

INSPIRE for beginners course (INSPIRE Essentials)

When : 9:00, 17 Aug 2010 - 17:00, 17 Aug 2010
Venue : Snowflake Software - Southampton

8th European GIS Education Seminar

When : 6 Sep 2012 - 9 Sep 2012
Venue : Leuven, Belgium
URL :...

2011-03-07 Plan4all glossary


I found in the document, which proposes the spatial planning metadata profile (from 30th...

2010-12-03 Plan4all Newsletter, Issue 4, December 2010

This issue introduces the Plan4all metadata profile, data models fro selected INSPIRE themes and the networking...

2010-12-03 Metadata - Data Models - Networking architecture

The Plan4all team has finalised the Plan4all standards including

2010-12-02 Metadata - Data Models - Networking Architecture

The Plan4all team has finalised the Plan4all standards including

2010-12-02 Pilot region's implementation

The Plan4all project partners are implementing the infrastructures for sharing spatial planning data. The actual...

2010-10-06 Plan4all best practices Sumperk Planning Documentation

We are now collecting examples of different planning systems

2010-10-04 Best Practices for Interoperability of Spatial Planning Information

2010-10-01 Plan4all Newsletter, Issue 3, June 2009

2010-09-21 Plan4all deliveribles

Plan4all deliveribles are now publicly available on portal

Plan4all Workshop during the INSPIRE Conference 2011

When : 9:00, 28 Jun 2011 - 10:30, 28 Jun 2011
Venue : ROOM: Moorfoot, Edinburgh International...

Video Presenting Work with Naturnet Portal
Premysl Vohnout 2011-10-10

Here you can see presetnation, how to use NaturNet portal. This video explain basic features of NaturNet portal. Due the fact, that SDI-EDu is using the some technology, this introduction could be interesting also for our Community.

How to find, evaluate, select, and use the existing heterogeneous spatial data and metadata?
Karel Charvat 2011-07-13

What are metadata and what are dicovery services?

Software tools directly useable for spatial planners
Karel Charvat 2011-07-13

The architecture and tools for planners are decribed.

How to create new spatial planning metainformation to be INSPIRE compliant?
Karel Charvat 2011-07-08

Lecture decribe, how to use SDI EDU and Plan4all portal for creating new INSPIRE (Plan4all) complient metadata records.

How to manage and improve the already existing metadata to be INSPIRE compliant?
Karel Charvat 2011-07-08

Do you have alrrady your metadata?  Would you like to test, if they are INSPIRE (Plan4all) complient?

What to do with the existing spatial data in planning to be INSPIRE compliant?
Horak, Vlk, Horakova Manakova,. Dvorak Mildorf, Charvat. Cerba 2011-07-08

Plan4all develops conceptual data models for seven selected themes from AnnexeII and III of the INSPIRE Directive. The themes are land cover, land use, utility and government services, production and industrial facilities, agriculture and aquaculture facilities,  area management/restriction/regulation zones and reporting units, and natural risk zones. The data models refer to the INSPIRE documents „Generic Conceptual  Model (GCM)“ and „Methodology for the development of data  specifications“ which set basic rules for the development of data models.

The role of metadata and GI in spatial planning and SDI
Karel Charvat, Stepan Kafka 2011-07-06

 Spatial planning acts between all levels of government so planners face important challenges in the development of territorial frameworks and concepts every day.All tasks and processes must be solved comprehensively with input from various source.It is necessary to make inputs interoperable because it allows the user to search data from different sources, view them, download them and use them with help of geoinformationtechnologies.

Role of Communities in INSPIRE
Karel Charvat 2011-07-04

This presentation describes role of communities in INSPIRE implementation

Plan4all Geoportal
Karel Charvat 2011-07-04

Plan4all Geoportal is some type of reference portal for Spatial Planning. Here you can find some short introduction to this portal. SDI EDU is currently based on the some principles.

Frank Hoffmann,Karel Charvat 2011-01-30

Dear colleagues,

the forthcoming GI2011-X-border-SDI/GDI-Symposium (  "11. Sächsisches GIS-Forum"  ) will be in year 2011 a real Cross-border event, to be held 23./24.05.2011 in "Bohemia&Saxonia Switzerland",  the National Park Zentrum of Euroregion "Elbe/Labe" (EEL) on both sides of the border between Bad Schandau (SAX) and Decin (CZE).

Plan4all Metadata Profile
Stepan Kafka 2010-11-09

The aim of  Plnan4all WP3 was to define the European metadata profile for spatial planning, which will cover the requirements given by national legislation and the INSPIRE Directive. The work includes:

  • to analyse the requirements on spatial planning metadata given by national legislation.
  • to define the European metadata profile (platform neutral) for spatial planning.

2nd CFP - Education and Info-Cybernetics, e-learning
Karel Charvat 2010-11-08

We invite you to submit a paper/abstract to The 9th International Conference
on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA
2011 (www.2011iiisconferences.org/eista), to be held in Orlando, Florida,
USA, on July 19th - July 22nd, 2011

The submissions deadline for this 2nd CFP December 8th, 2010 (Check the web
site for possible extensions or new set of deadlines)

ICELW 2011 Call for Proposals - Deadline is December 15, 2010
Karel Charvat 2010-11-04

We are pleased to announce that ICELW 2011, the Fourth Annual International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace,  will be held from June 8-10, 2011 at Columbia University in New York. The Call for Proposals is now open; the deadline for submissions is December 15th, 2010.  To submit a proposal, please use the submission form found at www.icelw.org

All articles on the geoportal simply searched
Karel Charvat 2010-11-04

All articles published on the SDI EDU geoportal can be searched by catalogue (MIcKA) that is implemented as part of the geoportal solution.

URM and Social Networks
Karel Charvat, Tomas Mildorf 2010-11-02

Uniform Resource Management (URM) provides a framework in which communities can share information and knowledge through their description, which is easy understandable inside of the community. “A social network consists of a finite set or sets of actors and the relation or relations defined on them. The presence of relational information is a critical and defining feature of a social network.” [Wasserman, 1994]. As already stated, examples of web 2.0 applications include blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, tagging, social network sites (e.g. Facebook, Myspace), search engines, Massive Multiplayer Online and others. This article describe, how concept of UR is connected with social networks

Data Management - Geohosting Manual
Karel Charvat, Martin Vlk, petr Horak 2010-11-02

Geohosting is a complex system composed of single components-applications. These components are integrated into one fully functional system. This complex system enables easy creation and publication of new map compositions. It enables you to work not only with your own geographic data but also through web services with external geographic data. The number of available online data sources is still increasing. The advantage is that original data stay at the level where they are collected and maintained. Therefore there is no duplication of data. Up-to-date source data guarantee up-to-date map compositions.

Karel Charvat Junior 2010-11-01

Here is described how to modify menu on portal.

Content management
Karel Charvat Junior 2010-11-01

There are two main items, which can hold content: article and message.


Content holders that that are holding the data we want to publish. As regular articles they are composed from the perex and the content itself. Using nice WYSIWYG editor provides nice user experience to beginners and support for full inline html can please any person wanting to do more fine grained look of desired article. Editor allows inserting various multimedia content user can think of, videos, photos, etc.


Each menu can be accompanied by the message item, which in reality is simplified article that contains just one view on short text.that does not implement detailed view so it could be described as „perex“ only. Since the message/s are always on top over the articles they can be best used as the menu description. Also here is used the some WISIWIG editor, with full functionality like

Education material translation and their adaptation for country's legislation.
Karel Charvat 2010-11-01

Short introduction, how to translate educational materials on portal.

Plan4all deliveribles
Karel Charvat 2010-09-21

Plan4all deliverables are publicly available

14th International Convention and Fair Informática 2011
Karel Charvát 2010-10-06

14th International Convention and Fair Informática 2011

Dear colleagues:
From February 7th to 11th, 2011, Havana will host the 14th edition of the Convention and International Fair Informática 2011 that will take place in the Havana´s Palacio de las Convenciones and the PABEXPO Fairgrounds.

“Convergent Technologies: integration and independence”, is the central theme of our Informatics meeting in Havana. We invite you to a scientific-technological discussion, as well as to the presentation of projects and initiatives on the main subjects summoned in each one of the events taking part of the Convention and the Fair.

Humboldt forest scenario site has been launched
Karel Charvat 2010-10-14

This week was launched this microsite about our project – Humboldt forest scenario. We hope that it will contribute towards better awarness about this project.


ITAPA 2010
Karel Charvát 2010-10-14


Rich text editor, frmarticle_update-article_perex, press ALT 0 for help.frmarticle_update-article_perex, press ALT 0 for help.

ITAPA International Congress (Information Technologies and Public Administration) is already for eigth years the most important and well–known IT event in Slovakia. The congress is held every year under auspices of top government representatives and brings its visitors carefully planned program of highest quality. Among our partners are since the beginning of ITAPA the most relevant IT business companies in Slovakia.

CFP - Education and Informatics ~ E-learning
Kaarel Charvat 2010-10-15


Please consider to contribute and encourage your colleagues and team members
to submit a paper/abstract to The 9th International Conference on Education
and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA 2011
(www.2011iiisconferences.org/eista), to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on
July 19th - July 22nd, 2011

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